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11 Oct , 2016  

In Sagres the fair weather and moderate winds keep allowing some good days. Some noteworthy observations in my tours include one flock of 6 Egyptian Vultures roosting in the early morning, one day with more than 50 Booted Eagles in the sky, a couple of 1h flash visits Cabranosa, that produced 10 species of raptors, and a tame Dotterel in Vale Santo.

In Aljezur town (yes, in town), some interesting stuff going on as well – a Golden Oriole feeding by the stream, and an European Nightjar hunting at dusk as the local festivities of August 29th went on. This of course, apart from the normal variety of migrants detected.

Now in early October, most of the transaharian migrants have gone. The fields are not full of Wheatears anymore, and the last Willow Warblers are going through, as are the last Flycatchers. However, some are still around at this turning point, and Short-toed and Booted Eagles are still flying over. The wind is cooler, and Robins and Chiffchaffs are starting to arrive.

The wonders of the arrival of the wintering birds are coming. More exciting tmes!

Sagres Bird Festival brought some nice birding days, and some beautiful sights. Some interesting birds where a Night Heron, a Wryneck and a couple of Black Storks flying low in the silence of the evening light, great views of British Storm Petrel in a pelagic trip, and some late birds like a Woodchat Shrike and Melodious Warbler.

But specially, the Festival provided the chance to meet-up with some good friends, and guide a lot of interesting people that I hope got a good birding experience, and picked-up “that migration feeling”.

Photo: Flock of ~30 Black Kites over Sagres, by Richard Hodges

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