End of August. Migration time

27 Aug , 2015  

A morning visit to Sagres península in the end of August is an exciting experience. The bird cast is now changing dramatically, and migrants on their way to tropical Africa enrich resident and breeding bird scenario. Some birds already appear scarcer like Red-rumped Swallow and all 3 species of Swifts, while newcomers include mostly Willow Warblers, but also Bonelli´s Warbler, Whitethroat and quite a few Hoppoes. At Cabranosa vantage point, raptors were not abundant, and the wind was blowing hard, but we still managed to sight 8 species of raptors including a juveline Bonelli’s Eagle and 2 Egyptian Vultures. Not bad for this time of year and in just 2 hours looking at the sky. But for me the highlight of the morning were 2 juvenile Golden Orioles, quite shy in a small pine patch. Not a bird you see every day around here.

Last week it was time for the Black Kites to come in strong. Personally I´ve seen a flock of 21, but I heard some days a flock twice that size was observed.

Let´s see what September has in store for the birdwatcher! Know more about Autumn migration in Sagres here.


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