Birding, marine plastics & 40 school children

19 Apr , 2018  

The weather was quite unstable, but that didn´t keep the plan form happening. Me and my partner Sara teamed up and tried to give some children from the Lagos schools a different experience. We had 2 groups of 20 that day – one from Escola Gil Eanes and another from Escola das Naus.

While I would go out birding the cliffs near Ponta da Piedade with a group of 10, Sara would stay with another 10, to put together some simple games about plastic pollution.

She tried to make them feel what a seabird or a sea turtle feels like while entangled in plastic, using rubber bands and simple group dynamics. We showed them water bottles form Dubai and from Malaysia we found washed up on the local beaches. It was hard for them to grasp the connection between their daily choices and the marine life, but some of it resonated with some of them.

While on the cliffs we found Goldfinches, Jackdaws, Spotless Starlings, Cormorants, learned about aging Yellow-legged Gulls and had good views of a male Kestrel hunting nearby. The morning group even had scope views of it after catching a Corn Bunting – which was quite impressive both for us and for the small falcon!

May it have been the first of many initiatives like this.

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