About us Birdland

Birdland is a small local company specialized in exploring the natural, historic and cultural values of SW Portugal and the West Coast of the Algarve in particular, through comprehensive birdwatching tours.

Birdland is an Algarve West Coast-based birdwatching company, created in 2014 by Nuno Barros.
These are the principles that guide our work:

  • Local identity
  • Birdland is a local company and our main focus is discovering the birds and Nature of SW Portugal.

  • Watching and learning
  • In my tours I seek to provide explanations about the ecology and movements of the birds we watch. For it is only when know that we care, and only when we care that we are compelled to preserve.

  • Stop, contemplate and feel
  • I prefer to take some time in each spot visited, instead of visiting a lot of places. Only when we stop to really observe do we notice the subtleties of the natural world, and can appreciate the present.

  • SW Portugal as a hole
  • I always try to complement the birdwatching tours with historical, cultural and scenic insights, in order to provide an integraded view of the region.

  • Birdwatching for all
  • The tours are adapted to the client’s profile, from the least to the most experienced of birdwatchers.

  • Birdwatching all year round
  • Anytime is a good one for birdwatching. All seasons have their own charm and particularities.

  • Respect, monitor and educate
  • Birdland regularly takes part in voluntary bird monitoring programs, environmental awareness and education activities. While on tour, we respect and enforce the existing codes of conduct for birdwatchers.

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    Birdland is a registered tourism company (RNAAT 569/2014)